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The VWMA Schools Program is built in response to the Australian Curriculum: History, particularly the Depth Studies of World War One (Year 9) and World War Two (Year 10). Many teachers who have taught the Program report that students are more engaged and really develop their historical inquiry skills. 

Virtual War Memorial Australia staff are happy to support teachers and schools with implementing and running the program, and we run professional development sessions on-site and workshops in accordance with AITSL standards. Please do not hesitate to contact us at, or by phone on 0419 620 297 or (08) 8100 7311. We would love to hear from you.

If you would like to be part of our Schools Program, please fill out an Expression of Interest form and return it to us.

The resources on this page can be used as part of the Schools Program or in support of other units. Note also the resources developed especially for student use on our Resources for Students page. If you have any feedback about how these resources can be improved, or what additional resources you would like to see, please email. Our resources are continually being updated.


Schools Program brochure for teachers


Learning Activities

DIY Museum: In this museum, you are going to be the curator and instead of labels that provide information and answer questions, you are going to design labels that ask questions.

Using and analysing newspapers with Trove: How to critically analyse historical newspapers found in Trove.

Digital Storytelling project: Create a 2-3 minute video with narration about a serviceman or woman.

Strategies for analysing visual images: Practical ways to analyse photographs and images as a historical inquiry skill.

Would you rather...: Which front would you rather have served on in the First World War? Why?



Research Portfolio

Adjusted Research Portfolio

Biography project

Biography template


Letter home / newspaper article


Image source analysis

Written source analysis

KLS chart


Curriculum Resource Kits

Teacher Resource - World War One - Year 9

Teacher Resource - World War Two - Year 10

IB - Middle Years Program


Schools Program Support Resources

School Admin Guide


Assessment Task Sheets & Rubrics

Year 9 Assessment Task

Year 10 Assessment Task


Primary School Resources

Primary Schools Overview


2020 Teachers' Professional Learning Activities

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