Gifting Policy

Gifting and Donation of Artefacts and Memorabilia

Virtual War Memorial Australia (VWMA) is regrettably not in a position to accept physical artefacts and memorabilia due to a lack of appropriate storage. 

VWMA has been designed to facilitate the storage of digital  artefacts and memorabilia relating to individuals and their service.  We encourage individuals to embrace the capacity of the website and photograph any artefacts they have and upload files to the website, ensuring the provision of a context for the person to whom these items relate.
Where possible VWMA will seek to identify other relevant organisations and individuals that may be able to provide advice to assist individuals in decision making about retention and storage of items. Any advice provided on the day will be general in nature. Anyone seeking advice for the purposes of valuation or insurance will need to seek professional assistance.  
Depending on the nature of the materials you have in your possession and with a view to ensuring that important artefacts and materials are available to future generations you may wish to consider the Donations and Gifting policies and related information of the following institutions.
If you wish to discuss options further please email the Chief Executive Officer with details of the items for consideration and your contact details (please include a phone number). 
Sharyn Roberts
Chief Executive Officer

Australian War Memorial

The Australian War Memorial (AWM) collects material from the colonial period to present conflicts and peacekeeping operations. Generally speaking the focus is on items that add to the collections national focus.  

For further information please refer to the information on the AWM website.
Alternately you can contact:
The Accessions Officer
Registration Section
Australian War Memorial
GPO Box 345
Phone: +61 (02) 6243 4590

Army Museum of South Australia

The Army Museum of South Australia (AMOSA) is dedicated to the preservation, promotion and display of the Army heritage of South Australia. The Museum is interested in a range of memorabilia ranging from medals and awards, through to weaponry and personal items. 

The Museum has a strong educational focus and therefore believes that artefacts are of even greater value if they can be used to tell a story. For this reason it is recommended that you think about recording as much information as possible about the object you are seeking to donate as this will assist in AMOSA’s decision making process. For example:

• Who owned or used it and what is its significance? 
• When was it acquired or purchased?
• Where was it made and who was the maker?
• Where was it used/situated/recovered from? 
• Where did it travel to or from? 
• Have any changes or modifications been made to the item since it was originally acquired or used?

The more information you can supply about the object the more valuable it becomes once it is on display. 

The staff at AMOSA are always prepared to assess any artefacts and memorabilia. However it should be noted that may not always be possible to accept items into its collection.

For further information please visit the AMOSA webite at
Alternately you may contact AMOSA:
Phone: +61 (08)  8305 6374

Write to:
The Head Curator
Keswick Barracks

State Library of South Australia

The State Library of South Australia (SLSA) encourages individuals to consider donating material for appraisal, especially South Australiana, to increase the depth and range of the library's collections. Most of the library's letters, diaries, photographs and the like have been donated by people who wish to see their items preserved for future generations to use.

For further information and contact details please refer to the SLSA website.
Alternately you may contact Collection Development on:
Phone: + 61 (08)  8207 7208