2016 Christmas Appeal

“The only memorial that could be worthy of them was the bare and uncoloured story of their part in the war.”  C E W Bean 

Just over 2 years ago the RSL Virtual War Memorial was launched. The small, dedicated team working on the website is proud of the outstanding progress made in building this new and innovative national memorial. We acknowledge the contributions made by the general public, schools and our wonderful volunteers. Our work is not yet finished and we must protect what we have achieved  to date.

As a not-for-profit organisation we work hard to ensure that the home we have built is worthy of the stories of Australians who have served the nation in times of conflict over the last 116 years. We seek your help to ensure this memorial continues to stand as a testament to all.

In 2017 it will cost $60,000 to maintain the 654,000 profiles of  Australian servicemen and  women on the website. You have already shown that you value the RSL Virtual War Memorial and we ask you to consider making it part of your Christmas giving. Every dollar received will be applied directly to the maintenance of the website and the profiles of those who have served this nation in times of conflict. Every dollar received is appreciated and will make a difference.

Click here to donate. Please select Christmas Appeal 2016 from the campaign list, and the amount you wish to donate.