ANZAC Day Preparations

ANZAC Day Biscuits

By our CEO Sharyn Roberts

There are a huge number of suggestions circulating for how families and individuals can participate in commemorative activities on ANZAC Day . We encourage everyone to embrace the day so as to honour all the ordinary men and women who have bestowed an extraordinary gift to our nation through their service. The spirit behind each small act of remembrance will reverberate around the nation to honour their service and sacrifice on the special day.

For as long as I can remember, no ANZAC Day has been complete without a homemade Anzac biscuit, a cup of tea and a yarn. The biscuits are easy to bake and make a great gift for neighbours and grandparents so a double batch will provide extra to share. A driveway morning tea on the day is a great way to share and remember without breaking social distancing requirements. Time to get cooking!

The recipe below has been part of my family ‘forever’. My Mum passed it to me indicating that it was a recipe that her (maternal) grandmother used (along with her sisters and other members of the extended family) to make biscuits to send to the boys at the front (WW1) – accompanied by hand knitted socks and a note of thanks and remembrance. I have no way of knowing if that part of the family’s anzac legend is true however, I do have wonderful memories of helping my Nana make the biscuits on ANZAC eve. It was always understood that biscuits were definitely not to be touched until my Papa had returned from the Dawn Service in the city. He was a man of routine and discipline (which was frustrating for the rest of us) and these biscuits were the only sweet treat allowed on ANZAC Day (mainly eaten by him – sometimes embellished by a little butter and home-made apricot jam!)

Nana’s Anzac biscuits (made with love always - that’s why they are so good for you!)


Heat oven to 160 C (fan forced)

Line baking trays with baking paper


1 cup of rolled oats

1 cup plain flour

½ cup castor sugar & ½ cup brown sugar

¾ cup coconut (desiccated or shredded is OK)

125 grams butter (cubed)

2 tablespoons boiling water

2 tablespoons golden syrup

½ teaspoon bicarb soda

Combine all dry ingredients into a bowl.

Add butter cubes to a saucepan and then add boiling water and bring to boil.

Add the golden syrup and bring back to boil. Remove from heat and then add bicarb soda and stir quickly to dissolve.

Add to the dry ingredients and stir until the mixture is well blended.

Roll mixture into balls. Golf ball size will deliver medium size biscuits – and place on baking tray.

Bake in the oven for about 12 - 15 mins /or/ until golden.