Megan Spencer a winner in the MEAA State Media Awards


VWMA extends its congratulations to Megan Spencer for her recent recognition in the MEAA State Media Awards,  Best Radio News or Current Affairs or Feature Report,   for her work “From a Whisper to a Bang!”  Megan shared the prize with Annie Hastwell. for her work on “Waterloo Bay: That word Massacre”

The award ceremony was conducted on-line but that did nothing to blunt Megan’s excitement!  

The judges comments capture here achievement so well.  “From a whisper to a bang is a beautiful, sometimes confronting journey that blends the personal with the public, a journey that takes the listener on an insightful ride.  Exceptional research, writing and production that has been developed with empathy, curiosity, and  with passion and richness. The audio story draws you into the scene.”

If you have not yet listened to this amazing podcast series there is no better time to do so.

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