109 Anti Tank / 112 Tank Attack Regiment Western Command

About This Unit


Anti Tank Regiments were raised to make up for the lack of protection against armoured attack experienced by 2nd AIF units and formations in the Middle East and Greek campaigns in 1941.

They were equipped with the Vickers Ordnance 2 pounder QF anti tank gun.

Although inadequate against more heavily armoured tanks such as the German Pzkw III and later, they proved to be more than a match for the much less effective Japanese tanks encountered in the Malaya campaign.

In 1943 in line with general practice across the Army, they were all re-designated "Tank Attack" units.

Most of the AMF units (ie not part of the 2nd AIF) were disbanded from 1943 when the risk of Japanese invasion dissapated. 


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 Steve Larkins Dec 2018