2nd/5th Armoured Regiment

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2nd/5th Armoured Regiment

2nd/5th Armoured Regimentwas raised at Grovely (Qld) in July 1941. as part of the 1 Armoured Brigade Group with which they concetrated at Greta in NSW in October 1941.  A series of relocations followed, for training exercises in WA and NSW.  They were re-assigned to 4 Armoured Brigade Group in February 1944 to Southport (Qld).

They were equipped with the M3 Lee-Grant Medium tank, armed with a 37mm (2pdr) gun in a traversible turret and a 75mm gun in a sponson.

They were to have deployed in support of the 7th Division on Operation Oboe in Borneo / Balikpapan, but were replaced by the 1st Armoured Regiment Group. 

They saw out the rest of the war in Southport (Qld).


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