No. 206 Squadron (RAF) Coastal Command

Normal 206 squadron hudsons on patrol w760

About This Unit

No. 206 Squadron (RAF)

For the purpose of this website, No. 206 Squadron (RAF)  is included as one of the RAF Squadrons to which Australians were posted during WW II.

The Empire Air Training Scheme supplied tens of thousands of aircrew for the Royal Air Force (RAF) air war in Europe during WW II. While a number of so-called Article XV national squadrons were created in Fighter, Bomber and Coastal Commands of the RAF, the majority of Australian aircrew were posted, along with their Commonwealth colleagues, to RAF Squadrons as individual crew members,where they would 'crew up' often with a very multi-national aircrew comprised of men from all over the Commownwealth. Ground staff were similarly assigned. 

No. 206 Squadron was a Coastal Command patrol bomber unit, initially equipped with Avro Anson and Lockheed Hudson aircraft.

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