46th Infantry Battalion (VIC) 12th Brigade, 4th Division, AIF

About This Unit

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The 46th Battalion was raised in Egypt as part of the doubling of the AIF that took place after the evacuation of Gallipoli and prior to deployment to France.  The 46th was the 'pup' Battalion of the 14th Battalion, formed by transferring 50% of experienced officers NCO and men and supplementing them with new reinforcements from Australia.  Like its 'parent' most of the men in the 46th Battalion were from Victoria although the reinforcements came from farther afield including NSW and Western Australia.

The 46th became the second of the four battalions of the 12th Brigade in the 4th Division.  The 4th Division had a mixture of colour patches and the colour coding that denoted Brigades and Battalions was not synchronous with the rest of the AIF, except in the case of the 13th Brigade.  In the 46th's case, the yellow upper portion denoting the second battalion in the brigade was shared with only one other unit - its parent the 14th Battalion.

The AWM Unit History is here: 46th Battalion (www.awm.gov.au)

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