12th Field Company Engineers (Qld & TAS) 12th Brigade, 4th Division, AIF

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12th Field Company Engineers

Each Division had three Field Engineer Companies under command, numbered the same as the Brigades in the Division.

The Fourth Division thus had the 4th, 12th and 13th Field Company of Engineers on strength.

During WW 1 the Engineers undertook a raft of tasks broadly divided into mobility, counter mobility and construction as well as survey and mapping, and specialised tunnelling and mining operations.  The Field Companies' scope of works concentrated on the former rather than the latter, for which specialist units (the Mioning and Tunnelling Companies) were raised.  

They undertook a broad range of tasks including preparation and supervision of the construction of defensive and gun positions, excavation of trenches and dugouts, erection of wire and other obstacles, preparation of command posts, signalling and water supply, field engineering, road railway and bridge construction and route maintenance.  They also undertook obstacle breaching and crossing.  For example in the lead up to the attack at Mont St Quentin the Engineers were required to carry out two river crossing / bridging operations.

Engineers also had responsibility for signalling, carried out by the Sinals Companies.  This function  became more technical and specialised as the war progressed and radio was introduced, eventually leading to the creation of a separate Signals Corps (pronounced 'core').

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