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Dental Units were the smallest sized units within the First AIF. These units consisted of just one dentist (either a Major, Captain or Lieutenant with past experience), two dental mechanics (Staff Sergeants/ Sergeants) and usually one orderly (either a Corporal or Private). The dental units were attached to base camps, hospitals and generally most other medical units. Several units were, however, posted to divisional headquarters, or rear service corps units.

By the end of World War One there was a recorded total of 118 dental units serving the AIF. The first 36 units formed in Egypt in early 1916 whilst the others were formed from dental reinforcements generally in England. For naming purposes each unit was simply numbered from 1 through to 118. Ie. 1st Dental Unit, 2nd Dental Unit, 3rd Dental Unit etc...

Overall, the fact that dental care was made available to soldiers during World War One was a major medical innovation and quite an achievement for battlefield care at the time.