2nd South Australian Mounted Contingent Boer War

About This Unit

On the 29th December, 1899, the Executive Council of the South Australian Government announced that it had appointed Captain Charles James Reade, of the Jamestown Mounted Rifles, to command the 2nd South Australian Contingent. No difficulty had been experienced in getting the contingent together. As with the 1st Contingent, the cost of raising the contingent, and the payment of the men, to be borne by the South Australian Government. The 2nd South Australian Mounted Rifles consisted of a squadron enrolled and organised under the same principles (so far as they were applicable to mounted men) as that which had preceded it to the war, and which it joined in South Africa. Those men selected for the 2nd Contingent went into camp at the Old Exhibition Ground. The Officers and NCOs to be as follows—1 Captain; 4 Subalterns; 1 Medical Officer; 2 Warrant-Officers; 1 Quartermaster-Sergeant; 6 Sergeants; 2 Farrier-Sergeants; 6 Corporals; 4 Lance-Corporals; 3 Shoeing-Smiths; 1 Saddler; 2 Trumpeters.[“Adelaide Observer” 27.1.1900]