HMAS Parramatta (III)

About This Unit

HMAS Parramatta commissioned at Sydney on 4 July 1961 under the command of Commander Guy Griffiths, DSC, RAN. She was the first of six new River Class destroyer escorts built for the RAN.

On 20 April 1962 Parramatta joined her sister ship Yarra deploying to the Far East where the two ships relieved HMA Ships Quickmatch and Vampire in the Britsh Commonwealth Strategic Reserve. During that deployment Parramatta's crew took part in the SEATO exercise SEA DEVIL before visiting Japan in company with other RAN vessels.

On 17 March 1963 Parramatta deployed as part of a task group comprising the aircraft carrier HMAS Melbourne (II), Yarra (III) and Supply for a two month 'up top' tour of duty in S.E. Asia. There the task group took part in Exercise SEA SERPENT in May, after which Parramatta returned to Sydney. Later, in July, she steamed to Queensland waters taking part in fleet exercises in the Hervey Bay area. Later that year Captain J.J. Scrivener, RAN relieved Captain Murray in command.

Following a brief refit at Garden Island Dockyard in Sydney, Parramatta began the new year working up in company with Yarra before again deploying for the Far East on 28 January 1964. During their six month tour of duty with the FESR, the two ships took part in the large-scale exercises JET and LITGAS before returning home in mid-July. Later in the year Parramatta was equipped with the Seacat guided-missile system. Early in 1965 she carried out her first successful firing of the new weapon in waters off the NSW coast before again deploying for the Far East.

Following participation in Exercise SEAHORSE Parramatta paid a goodwill visit to Bangkok, after which she escorted HMAS Sydney (III) on the final leg of her first heavy troop-lift voyage to Vietnam. The ship also participated in anti-Indonesian infiltration patrols off Malaysian Borneo, before returning to Sydney in company with Yarra on 3 September 1965.