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WW2 Army Dental Units

Dentistry is a major combat enabler.  Dental problems among military personnel impair capability very quickly.  To that end, dental support was distributed widely across the Army from the Communication Zone to '2nd Line' level.

The pre-war Militia had no Dental units, relying instead on civilian practioners. When the AIF formed, the Australian Dental Association formed a volunteer service which prepared the 6th Infantry Division for deployment.

Dental elements sprang up as part of hospitals convalescent depots and other medical units, but 'Special Dental Units' were formed.  These comprised a Captain Dental Officer, a Staff Sergeant and Corporal Dental Technicians, a Private records clerk and a batman, making them the smallest 'formed elements' in the Army.

1-15 Special Dental Units formed in 1940

16-68 Dental Units were raised in 1941 - all of these were designated 2nd AIF

201 - 421 Dental units were raised and designated CMF  / Militia.

In October 1942 they were consolidated into larger Multi-Section Dental Units;

2nd/1st - 2nd/8th 2nd AIF

51-88 Dental Units - nominally Militia but many served overseas so the distinction is  academic

Detailed information is contained within 'The Unit Guide - The Australian Army 1939-45 Volume 6'