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Anti Tank Battery  / Companies

This is a generic listing that picks up independent Anti Tank Batteries / Companies split off from parent units.

These elements went through a bewildering process of structral and name changes during the war.

17th Anti Tank Battery - aka 23rd Anti Tank Company, "Lark Force" Rabaul - 23rd Infantry Brigade, 8th Division, 2nd AIF. 

Originally formed as the 23rd Anti-Tank Company in July 1940, the unit was assigned to the 23rd Infantry Brigade as part of its Brigade Troops. Training commenced in Australia at Seymour Camp, Australia but was later moved to Bonegilla, Victoria and then to Bathurst, New South Wales on 26 April 1941. Aftering finishing training the unit embarked on the Zealandia on 9 September 1941 and disembarked at Rabaul on 29/30 September 1941, forming part of Lark Force.

Whilst still in Australia, the 23rd Anti-Tank Company learnt that they were to be allocated to Lark Force which was to serve in Rabaul along with the 2nd/22nd Infantry Battalion. Consequently, since no longer part of a brigade on 9 August 1941 (the day of embarkation) the unit was redesignated as the 17th Anti-Tank Battery. Equipped with three Troops: A, B and C Troop, A and B Troop were transported to Rabaul, while C Troop stayed in Australia. Thus in Rabaul, the 17th Anti-Tank Battery had a total of 110 Officers and Other Ranks.

18th Anti Tank Battery  - aka 23rd Anti Tank Company, "Sparrow/Gull Force" Timor/Ambon - 23rd Infantry Brigade, 8th Division, 2nd AIF.

29th Anti Tank Battery


19th Anti Tank Company

6th Anti Tank Company