HMAS Penguin (IV) 1939-1940/HMAS Brisbane 1940-1942/HMAS Moreton (I) 1942-1994 (Depot)

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HMAS Penguin (IV) 1939-1940/HMAS Brisbane 1940-1942/HMAS Moreton (I) 1942-1994

HMAS Penguin (IV)

At the outbreak of World War II, on 3 September 1939, the Alice Street [Brisbane] depot commissioned as HMAS Penguin (IV). Other sites were also used by the RAN including the former offices of the QMDF situated at nearby Edward Street from where the Queensland District Naval Officer and his staff discharged administrative duties. A naval stores facility, established at Kangaroo Point in 1887, as well as an oil fuel installation also came under the authority of Penguin (IV).

On 1 August 1940 Penguin (IV) was renamed HMAS Brisbane to better reflect its locality, followed by ...a decision to recommission Brisbane as HMAS Moreton on 1 October 1942.  For more information see (

HMAS Penguin (V)

Upon the outbreak of the Second World War, the Darwin establishment was commissioned as HMAS Penguin (V). This name was short-lived as the existence of multiple shore establishments named Penguin caused some confusion and it was decided that each establishment would have its own distinct name. Penguin (V) was subsequently commissioned as HMAS Melville on 1 August 1940 (

Contributed by Karen Standen 2021