13th Infantry Brigade Headquarters (Outer States) 13th Brigade, 4th Division, AIF

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The 13th Brigade formed the third Brigade of the 4th Division and  was raised in Egypt in March / April 1916 as part of the "doubling of the AIF" by splitting the 3rd Brigade in the 1st Division and seeding the new Brigade with experienced officers, NCO and men complemented by reinforcements fresh from Australia.  The 'pupped' Brigades and Battalions reflected the origins of its 'parents'.  

Thus the Battalions of the Brigade were:

49th from the 9th Battalion (Qld)

50th from the 10th Battalion (SA)

51st from the 11th Battalion (WA), and

52nd from the 12th Battalion (Tas / WA and SA)

After journeying across the Mediterranean Sea and the via train from Marseilles to Armentiers, the 4th Division spent time in the tenches near Fromelles were it sustained its first casualties, but its first major engagement was to be in the second phase of the Pozieres / Moquet Farm campaign.

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