12th/40th Infantry Battalion AMF (Launceston / Derwent Regiment)

About This Unit

Formed on 2 May 1945, the 12th/40th Infantry Battalion served throughout Australia until 29 May 1946 when it was officially disbanded. Therefore it saw little service as the by this time the threat level to Australia by Japan was minimal.

Before their amalgamation together on 2 May 1945, the 40th Infantry Battalion had being its own Militia unit posted to both the 4th and 12th Divisions at various trimes. For its part, piror to 2 May 1945, the 12th Infantry Battalion had being linked with the 50th Infantry Battalion since December 1936. The 12th/50th Infantry Battalion had served together since the start of World War Two and for the most part had being part of York Force - a group of Militia units used for the defence of the Cape York Peninsula in Queensland.

Just piror to 2 May 1945, however, the 50th Infantry Battalion had being unlinked and disbanded from the 12th/50th Infantry Battalion and thus that was the reason why the 40th Infantry Battalion was then called upon to link up with the 12th Infantry Battalion.