13 Field Regiment AMF

About This Unit

The 13th Field Regiment was an Australian Army artillery regiment. During World War I the unit was formed in early 1916 as the 13th Field Artillery Brigade, and served as part of the 5th Division in Egypt, the Sinai and from mid 1916 fought on the Western Front. After the war, it was re-raised as a Militia unit based in the state of South Australia. It was redesignated as the 13th Field Regiment during the early years of World War II, and following Japan's entry into the war it was mobilised and later deployed to New Guinea where a detachment fought during the Battle of the Beachheads at Buna–Gona-Sanananda in 1942–43, returning to Australia in late 1943. After the war, the regiment was re-formed in 1948 in South Australia and remained in existence until being disbanded in 1975.