No. 43 Squadron (RAF) Fighter Command - "Fighting Gamecocks" "Gloria Finis" - Glory is the End

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About This Unit

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For the purpose of this website, 43 Squadron is included as one of the RAF Squadrons in which which Australians served fought and died during WW II.

Few squadrons can match the history of 43 Squadron which has included being the first to undertake ground attack operations during the First World War, achieving the remarkable double of having two of its pilots shoot down 6 enemy aircraft in one day during the First World War and shooting down the first enemy aircraft over England in the Second World War.  Its distinctive Fighting Cock emblem was adopted in 1926 when 43 was equipped with the Gloster Gamecock and embodies the spirit and resilience of a fighter squadron that has been in the vanguard of RAF operations for almost a century. Perhaps the Fighting Cocks’ finest period occurred during the Battle of Britain when its Hurricanes destroyed 60 enemy aircraft with a further thirteen ”probables” and twenty-five more damaged. (43 Squadron Association Web page HERE (



BATTLE HONOURS - 43 Squadron (RAF)

Western Front 1917-1918*
Arras, Ypres 1917*
Cambrai 1917
Somme 1918*
Amiens, Dunkirk*
Battle of Britain 1940*
Home defence 1940-1942
Fortress Europe 1942
North Africa 1942-1943*
Sicily 1943
Italy 1943-1945
Anzio and Nettuno*
Gustav Line
France and Germany 1944*
Gulf 1991
Iraq 2003

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