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  • The second attack at Dernancourt on 5 April 1918
  • His medals — including the Military Medal awarded for Alfred's heroism on day one of the Third Battle of Ypres — have passed down the generations t...
  • Positions of forces at dusk on October 31, 1917, during the Battle of Beersheba at the time of the charge of the 4th Light Horse Brigade. Briti...
  • On the flight back to Sydney, with experienced flying boat Captain Lloyd Mundrell in the left hand seat.
  • Found at last. AE1 in 300m of water off Duke of York Islands
  • The Lockleys Soldiers Memorial Hall configured as the Windsor Cinema until its closure in 199
  • Newspaper article detailing Tom Flynn's tragic demise
  • The front cover of Alex Kerr's wartime experience as a bomber pilot member of the 'Catepillar Club' and PoW
  • Phillip Edward CAWTHORNE DFC, captain of Lancaster PB 949 lost 4 April 1945
  • SIr Hughie Edwards as Governor of WA 1974-75
  • The cover of Arthur Hoyle's biography of Highie Edwards featuring the STella Bown portrait.
  • The cover of Gellert's most successful book of poetry, which cemented his reputation as Australia's premier warrior poet of WW1
  • Mericourt-L'Abbe Communal Cemetery Extension
  • 3697 PTE Patrick Weir 3rd Pioneer Battalion
  • Auction notes 25th September 2008 DNW website 1914-15 Star (O.N.2263 Ord. Sea.); British War and Victory Medals (A.B., R.A.N.); War and Australi...
  • Military Medal, G.V.R. (3958 Pte. G. H. Trew. 2Aust: Inf:); British War Medal 1914-20 (3958 Pte. G. H. Trew. 2Bn. A.I.F.) ‘3’ officially corrected;...
  • SMS EMden under steam
  • Reginald Francis GRIMLEY
  • Bristol Beauforts at No. 1 Operational Training Unit, Bairnsdale, Victoria. Nearer camera: A9-102, 262097, Flying Officer Peter John Gibbes, DFC; A...
  • Cover of the History of 2 OTU
  • United Kingdom: London. 9 November 1943. Outside Buckingham Palace after an investiture is Wing Commander (Wing Cdr, later Group Captain [Gp Capt])...
  • Consolidated Catalina Mark I, AH562 'AX-', of No, 202 Squadron RAF, anchored at Gibraltar after an anti-submarine patrol

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