Today's Honour Roll

Today's Honour Roll recognizes 259 Australians who fell on this day in history.
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Name Date of Death Conflict
BURGESS, Stewart Salmond 6 Apr 1918 World War 1
MCCREGHAN, James 6 Apr 1917 World War 1
WILLIAMS, Henry Stuart Homer 6 Apr 1918 World War 1
BOWEN, Trevor Edward 6 Apr 1945 World War 2
AUSTIN, Eric Arnold 6 Apr 1918 World War 1

COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Update

Amidst the continued closure of business and the increased precautions around social distancing and self-isolation, the Virtual War Memorial Australia is dedicated to remaining active and accessible to the public. We are fortunate that the online nature of our work will, for the most part, allow us to continue operating even after the probable closure of our office.

Sections of the Virtual War Memorial website such as the Homepage, Honour Roll, Schools Program and Personal Profiles will continue to be updated by our staff. Our social media profiles, notably the Virtual War Memorial Australia and Virtual War Memorial Australia -Schools Program Facebook pages, are being monitored daily and will provide any important updates about Coronavirus and its effect on our working environment, while also posting their regular content.

Of course, for the foreseeable future, we can no longer fulfil some of our regular responsibilities like school visits and the attendance/hosting of events. Although this is a sad reality, a main focus of the team in the coming weeks is Anzac Day and how we can encourage commemoration at home.

We encourage our current hard-working volunteers to continue their work, but understand that current circumstances may make this difficult. Contributions to the Virtual War Memorial Australia from new or existing members are always welcomed, although it is especially important to refer to our Help page to ensure your contribution follows our guidelines in order to lighten the load of our moderators during this period.

We appreciate the ongoing support of the community in what has been a difficult and stressful period for the Virtual War Memorial Australia. We believe that, despite the drastic effects COVID-19 has had on the lives of us here in Adelaide, across the country and around the world, the importance of commemoration never waivers. We look forward to continuing our work so that we as a community can ensure the sacrifice of our servicemen and women is forever acknowledged.