Christmas in Dili

Dili, East Timor, 1999

Peacekeepers in East Timor were treated to a less than traditional Christmas celebration with 'Tour of Duty', a concert including Kylie Minogue, Doc Neeson and John Farnham.

Wendy Sharpe, 2000. 'Study for `Christmas Tour of Duty concert in Dili 1999'. Drawing.

Wendy Sharpe, 2000. 'Christmas Tour of Duty concert, Dili 1999'. Oil on Canvas.

Official artist, Wendy Sharpe, who was attached to the Army History Unit in Dili took the opportunity to record the Christmas "Tour of Duty" concert. She recounted her experiences:

'Just before Christmas a concert called 'Tour of Duty' was performed at Dili stadium and broadcast nationally on Australian TV. It featured Kylie Minogue and John Farnham . . . I managed to talk my way into the backstage area. It was even hotter than where I was sitting, surrounded by black plastic. I didn't have enough water with me and nearly passed out, but I still managed to draw. It was well worth it!' (Wendy Sharpe, 29 May 2000)."1


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