Winning Entries


Blanche 'Alice' Atkinson

by Makayla Lockwood, Mount Barker High School

Profile: Blanche Atkinson
Entry: Blanche Atkinson

Patrick Howard Auld MC

by Mia Tsimouris, Our Lady of the Sacred Heart College

Profile: Major Patrick Howard Auld
Entry: Major Patrick Howard Auld

Reginald Grenville Barrington DFC

by Zoe Raynes, Loxton High School

Profile: Flying Officer Reginald Grenville Barrington
Entry: Flying Officer Reginald Grenville Barrington

Harry Brimage MM

by Cassidy Hamilton-Smith, Kingston Community School

Profile: Sergeant Harry Brimage
Entry: Sergeant Harry Brimage

John Brooks Clark

by Erika Watson, Kingston Community School

Profile: Private John Brooks Clark
Entry: Private John Brooks Clark

Hugh Angas Cochrane

by Ebony McHugh, Investigator College

Profile: Private Hugh Angas Cochrane
Entry: Private Hugh Angas Cochrane

Robert Michael Collins

by Jasmine Baker, Roxby Downs Area School

Profile: Leading Aircraftman Robert Michael Collins
Entry: Leading Aircraftman Robert Michael Collins

Gordon Roy Coquist

by Immogen Pertini, Saint Ignatius' College

Profile: Corporal Gordon Roy Colquist
Entry: Corporal Gordon Roy Colquist

Edward August Docking

by Sakinah Karras, Murray Bridge High School

Profile: Lance Corporal Edward August Docking
Entry: Lance Corporal Edward August Docking

Rex Arthur Glasson

by Tyla Peters, Endeavour College

Profile: Pilot Officer Rex Arthur Glasson
Entry: Pilot Officer Rex Arthur Glasson

John Godlee

by Archibald McEwen, Prince Alfred College

Profile: Second Lieutenant John Godlee
Entry: Second Lieutenant John Godlee

Dr John David Rice

by Oscar Rice, Saint Ignatius' College

Profile: Major John David Rice
Entry: Major John David Rice

Oliver Maurice Leo Sleep

by Mikayla Gillet, Loxton High School

Profile: Sergeant Oliver Maurice Leo Sleep
Entry: Sergeant Oliver Maurice Leo Sleep

Dr Joseph Stanley Verco

by Callum Barrott-Walsh, Cardijn College

Profile: Lieutenant Colonel Joseph Stanley Verco
Entry: Lieutenant Colonel Joseph Stanley Verco

William Gepp Woolcock MM

by Harrison Geater-Johnson, Central Yorke School

Profile: Private William Gepp Woolcock
Entry: Private William Gepp Woolcock

Dr John Charleton Yeatman

by Bich-Loan Nguyen, Our Lady of the Sacred Heart College

Profile: Captain John Charleton Yeatman
Entry: Captain John Charleton Yeatman



Gordon Cathcart Campbell

by Melissa Campbell, Glenunga International High School

Profile: Captain Gordon Cathcart Campbell 
Entry: Captain Gordon Cathcart Campbell 

Wesley Paul Choat, MM

by Lily Farrell, Loreto College

Profile: Private Wesley Paul Choat
Entry: Private Wesley Paul Choat

James Churchill-Smith

by Liam Kay, Cardijn College

Profile: Major James Churchill-Smith
Entry: Major James Churchill-Smith

Frank Spencer Charles Day

by Matilda Cotton, Glenunga International High School

Profile: Private Frank Spencer Charles Day
Entry: Private Frank Spencer Charles Day

Thomas Currie (Diver) Derrick

by Elise Turtur, Roxby Downs Area School

Profile: Lieutenant Thomas Currie Derrick
Entry: Lieutenant Thomas Currie Derrick

William Faint

by Ryan Schwarz, Endeavour College

Profile: Sergeant William Faint
Entry: Sergeant William Faint

Frederick Hurtle Little

by India Little, Kingston Community School

Profile: Corporal Frederick Hurtle Little 
Entry: Corporal Frederick Hurtle Little

Philip Kenneth Ross Gericke

by Tabitha Zdanowicz, Loxton High School

Profile: Flight Sergeant Philip Kenneth Ross Gericke
Entry: Flight Sergeant Philip Kenneth Ross Gericke

Howard Hendrick

by Sophie Lipman, Loxton High School

Profile: Flying Officer Howard Hendrick
Entry: Flying Officer Howard Hendrick

Wilfred Oswald Jose

by Shreyas Khanna, St Peters College

Profile: Lieutenant Wilfred Oswald Jose
Entry: Lieutenant Wilfred Oswald Jose

Clement Kwaterski

by Montana Foster, Wudinna Area School

Profile: Private Clement Kwaterski
Entry: Private Clement Kwaterski

Rowley Charles Miller

by Daisy Yates, Saint Martin's Lutheran College

Profile: Warrant Officer Rowley Charles Miller
Entry: Warrant Officer Rowley Charles Miller

Elizabeth Mosey

by Sophie Baker, Central Yorke School

Profile: Nursing Sister Elizabeth Mosey
Entry: Nursing Sister Elizabeth Mosey

William Harold Simcock

by Charli Medlow, Meningie Area School

Profile: Lance Corporal William Harold Simcock
Entry: Lance Corporal William Harold Simcock

David Spry

by Laura Cassell, Xavier College

Profile: Corporal David Spry
Entry: Corporal David Spry

Fredrick Walter Hamelton Toop

by William Wiseman, Kingston Community School

Profile: Private Fredrick Walter Hamelton Toop
Entry: Private Fredrick Walter Hamelton Toop



Stanley Charles Bishop

by Cassie Spada, Aberfoyle Park High School

Profile: Captain Stanley Charles Bishop
Entry: Captain Stanley Charles Bishop

Horace Alfred Cadd

by Koby Poulton, Yorketown Area School

Profile: Lance Sergeant Horace Alfred Cadd
Entry: Lance Sergeant Horace Alfred Cadd

Arthur Edward Cuthbertson

by Archer Lowman, Christian Brothers College

Profile: Sapper Arthur Edward Cuthbertson
Entry: Sapper Arthur Edward Cuthbertson

Ethel Sarah Davidson

by Holly Wallman, St Peter's Girls' College

Profile: Matron Ethel Sarah Davidson
Entry: Matron Ethel Sarah Davidson

Frantz Albert Docking and Lionel Theodore Claude Docking

by Lila Weidenbach, Kildare College

Profile: Private Frantz Albert Docking
Profile: Private Lionel Theodore Claude Docking
Entry: Docking brothers

George Ernest Doddridge

by Abby Walker, Nuriootpa High School

Profile: Lance Corporal George Ernest Doddridge
Entry: Lance Corporal George Ernest Doddridge

Anne Donnell

by Diana Hunt, Aberfoyle Park High School

Profile: Sister Anne Donnell
Entry: Sister Anne Donnell

Anne Donnell

by Ella Frampton, Mark Oliphant

Profile: Sister Anne Donnell
Entry: Sister Anne Donnell

Charles Andrew Horne

by Lajpreet Thind, Our Lady of the Sacred Heart College

Profile: Driver Charles Andrew Horne
Entry: Driver Charles Andrew Horne

Lloyd Leonard Mahoney

by Kelly Parkin, Golden Grove High School

Profile: Private Lloyd Leonard Mahoney
Entry: Private Lloyd Leonard Mahoney

Thomas William Victor Richardson

by Oliver Shephard-Bayly, Pedare Christian College

Profile: Sergeant Thomas William Victor Richardson
Entry: Sergeant Thomas William Victor Richardson

Raymond Charles Runga

by Jenny Tran, Our Lady of the Sacred Heart College

Profile: Private Raymond Charles Runga
Entry: Private Raymond Charles Runga

Raymond Charles Runga

by Lucy Smith, Kingston Community School

Profile: Private Raymond Charles Runga
Entry: Private Raymond Charles Runga

William Charles Westbury

by Neva van Raalte, St Francis de Sales

Profile: Lance Sergeant William Charles Westbury
Entry: Lance Sergeant William Charles Westbury



Ada Rose Alleyn

by Lucy Fielke, Cornerstone College

Profile: Ada Rose Alleyn
Entry: Ada Rose Alleyn

Hero Aloysius Boylan 

by Alyssa Siebert, Lock Area School

Profile: Private Hero Aloysius Boylan 
Entry: Private Hero Aloysius Boylan

James Oliver Cass

by Joshua Loxton, Loxton Area School

Profile: Private James Oliver Cass
Entry: Private James Oliver Cass

William Walter Atkinson Fox

by Jessica Timms, Yorketown Area School

Profile: Corporal William Walter Atkinson Fox
Entry: Corporal William Walter Atkinson Fox

John Rutherford Gordon

by Lily Bright, Loxton High School

Profile: Wing Commander John Rutherford Gordon
Entry: Wing Commander John Rutherford Gordon

Arthur Fillis Grist

by Jasmin Grist, Investigator College

Profile: Lance Corporal Arthur Fillis Grist
Entry: Lance Corporal Arthur Fillis Grist

Vernon Hocking

by Laura Stephens, Cabra Dominican College

Profile: Trooper Vernon Hocking
Entry: Trooper Vernon Hocking

Eric James Jarrett

by Joshua Berman, Mark Oliphant College

Profile: Trooper Eric James Jarrett
Entry: Trooper Eric James Jarrett

Claude Vivian Radford

by Metala Burgess, Nuriootpa High School

Profile: Lance Corporal Claude Vivian Radford
Entry: Lance Corporal Claude Vivian Radford

Frederik John Schenscher

by Abbie Nourse, Nuriootpa High School

Profile: Private Frederick John Schenscher DCM
Entry: Private Frederick John Schenscher DCM

Evelyn Claire Trestrail

by Hannah Brown, St Peters Girls' School

Profile: Evelyn Claire Trestrail
Entry: Evelyn Claire Trestrail

Jessie Emily Wakefield

by Alicia Crowhurst, Investigator College

Profile: Sister Jessie Emily Wakefield
Entry: Sister Jessie Emily Wakefield



Hugh George Adams

by Jordan Heffernan, Reynella East College

Profile: Corporal Hugh George Adams
Entry: Corporal Hugh George Adams

Harold Armitage

by Amy Vogelsang, Boooleroo Centre District School

Profile: Captain Harold Armitage
Entry: Captain Harold Armitage

Charles Ernest Bagot

by Tharun Rameshbabu, University Senior College

Profile: Trooper Charles Ernest Bagot
Entry: Trooper Charles Ernest Bagot

Robert Maxwell Brown

by Maxwell Spurling, Scotch College

Profile: Lieutenant Robert Maxwell Brown
Entry: Lieutenant Robert Maxwell Brown

Charles Joseph Clifford

by Marlee George, Loxton High School

Profile: Lieutenant Charles Joseph Clifford
Entry: Lieutenant Charles Joseph Clifford

Phillip Davey

by Ben Francis, Scotch College

Profile: Corporal Phillip Davey
Entry: Corporal Phillip Davey

Francis George Davis

by Annabel Collins, Loxton High School

Profile: Private Francis George Davis
Entry: Private Francis George Davis

Roy Fordham

by William Pincombe, Glenunga International High School

Profile: Lieutenant Roy Fordham
Entry: Lieutenant Roy Fordham

Benhart Alfred Gabel

by Emily Hicks, Nuriootpa High School

Profile: Private Benhart Alfred Gabel
Entry: Private Benhart Alfred Gabel

Alfred Ernest Hastwell

by Nikki Brennan, Mercedes College

Profile: Private Alfred Ernest Hastwell
Entry: Private Alfred Ernest Hastwell

Olive Haynes

by Erin Stubbs, Charles Campbell College

Profile: Nurse Olive Haynes
Entry: Nurse Olive Haynes

James Eyers Hickman

by Emma Wintulich, Tyndale Christian School

Profile: Private James Eyers Hickman
Entry: Private James Eyers Hickman

John Claude McPhee

by Lauren Hutchinson, Charles Campbell College

Profile: Reverend John Claude McPhee
Entry: Reverend John Claude McPhee

Herbert Donovan Michael

by Blake McCallum, Booleroo Centre District School

Profile: Private Herbert Donovan Michael
Entry: Private Herbert Donovan Michael

George Deane Mitchell

by Matthew Wallace, University Senior College

Profile: Major George Deane Mitchell
Entry: Major George Deane Mitchell

Ben Murray

by Pheobe Spurrier, Scotch College

Profile: Ben Murray
Entry: Ben Murray

Richard Allen Ockenden

by April Burdon, Loxton High School

Profile: Private Richard Allen Ockenden
Entry: Private Richard Allen Ockenden

Philip de Quetteville Robin

by Annabel Lane, Loreto College

Profile: Lance Corporal Philip de Quetteville Robin
Entry: Lance Corporal Philip de Quetteville Robin

Philip de Quetteville Robin

by Lachlan Bruce, Aberfoyle Park High School

Profile: Lance Corporal Philip de Quetteville Robin
Entry: Lance Corporal Philip de Quetteville Robin

Arthur Aubrey Trenwith

by Alice Kerr, Kildare College

Profile: Private Arthur Aubrey Trenwith
Entry: Private Arthur Aubrey Trenwith

Henry Dawson Tutt

by Viki Ntafillis, Unley High School

Profile: Private Henry Dawson Tutt
Entry: Private Henry Dawson Tutt

Arthur Thomas Walker

by Olivia Habel, St Peters Girls School

Profile: Private Arthur Thomas Walker
Entry: Private Arthur Thomas Walker