Walter Carl MITCHELL

MITCHELL, Walter Carl

Service Number: SX7316
Enlisted: 1 July 1940, Adelaide, South Australia
Last Rank: Private
Last Unit: 2nd/48th Infantry Battalion
Born: St Peters, South Australia, 22 June 1914
Home Town: Walkerville, South Australia
Schooling: Not yet discovered
Occupation: Not yet discovered
Died: Died of wounds, Libya, 2 May 1941, aged 26 years
Cemetery: Tobruk War Cemetery, Tobruk
Tobruk War Cemetery, Tobruk, Libya
Memorials: Adelaide WW2 Wall of Remembrance, Australian War Memorial Roll of Honour
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World War 2 Service

1 Jul 1940: Enlisted Private, SX7316, Adelaide, South Australia
1 Jul 1940: Enlisted Australian Military Forces (Army WW2), Private, SX7316, 2nd/48th Infantry Battalion
2 Jul 1940: Involvement Private, SX7316
2 May 1941: Involvement Private, SX7316, 2nd/48th Infantry Battalion, Siege of Tobruk
Date unknown: Involvement

A Mother’s Premonition

1914 – 1941 Walter Carl Mitchell
Walter Keith was born 22nd June 1914 to Lionel and Elsie Mitchell. He was the seventh of nine children; six boys, Clarrie, Ron, Reg, Jack and Warwick and three girls, Alice, Olive and Winnie. He went to Walkerville Primary School where he gained his Qualifying Certificate, then on to LeFevre Peninsular Central School then was employed as a packer at Woodson Tea on North Terrace, Adelaide. Like many young men at the time, Wally had a motorbike to get to work, but he also generously used to pick up Jack, his nephew, after his Adelaide Drum and Fife Band lessons.
An active sportsman, Wally played 50 games for the Walkerville Football Club from 1935-1939 and was regularly named in the best players. At one stage nearly half the football team was made up of the Mitchell brothers which probably contributed to their on-going success.
Wally was a month shy of his 26th birthday when he enlisted and became SX7316 with the newly formed 2/48th Battalion. His close childhood friend, Thomas Lionel (Tommy) Wardrop SX7308. These young men were jointly farewelled together in 1940.
Wally and his mother were very close. Early in May, 1941 his mother had a disturbing but very realistic dream where she clearly saw Wally in a sandy place in some sort of armoured vehicle. He was killed as she watched. She sent a letter to her daughter, Olive about the disturbing dream but because Elsie had not been well, this was dismissed as being imagined. Olive did, however, pick up her youngest son from school and go over to check on Elsie at her home to comfort and reassure her. Over two weeks later Elsie and Lionel received the sad news in a letter from the Government saying Wally had been killed in action at Tobruk on a BrenGun Carrier. Elsie’s premonition unfortunately had been accurate. Her beloved Wally had been killed less than twelve months after he had enlisted. Elsie was later presented with a "Mother's Medal".
Family, Adelaide workmates, friends, relatives and fellow Rats from the 2/48th Battalion grieved his untimely death and continued to remember and mourn him in the ensuing years in the Advertiser newspaper.
Advertiser (Adelaide, SA: 1931 - 1954), Monday 19 May 1941, page 8
MITCHELL, Walter. On the 2nd of May. died, of wounds abroad. —Ever remembered by his workmates. Shirley May, Bill, Ron. and Jim.
Advertiser (Adelaide, SA: 1931 - 1954), Saturday 17 May 1941, page 8
MITCHELL. —In memory of our friend and Tom's dear pal, who died of wounds overseas, 2nd May. Ever remembered by the Wadrop family
MITCHELL. Pte. Walter. —Died of wounds (abroad), on the 2nd of May: aged 26. Deep In our hearts a memory Is kept. Of one we loved and will never forget. —Inserted by his loving brother, Clarrie, sister-in-law, Stella, nieces, Yvonne, Audrey, Walkerville.
Advertiser (Adelaide, SA: 1931 - 1954), Saturday 2 May 1942, page 10
MITCHELL. —In loving memory of our dear brother Wally, died of wounds at Tobruk. May 2. 1941. 2/48th Btn. God took him home. It was His will. Forget you. dear brother, we never will. —Inserted by his loving sister, brother in-law. Winnie, Spen and Lorraine.
MITCHELL. —In loving memory of our dear brother Wally, died of wounds at Tobruk. May 2, 1941. 2/48th Batt. What would we give to clasp your hand. Your dear face to see. And be together once again. Just as we used to be. —Inserted by his loving brother and sister-in-law. Ron. Carrie, and Joan. MITCHELL. —In loving memory or our dear friend. Wally, died of wounds at Tobruk. May 2. 1S41. Thoughts drift back to bygone days. Life moves on. but memories stay. —Ever remembered by Molly and Bill.
MITCHELL - In loving memory of our dear brother. Wally, 2/48 Batn. died of wounds at Tobruk. May 2. 1941. Every white cross tells a story, With number, rank and name: Every mound is one of glory, For it holds an Anzac's name. —Inserted by his loving brother Clarrie, sister-in-law Stella, and nieces Yvonne and Audrey.
MITCHELL-—In loving remembrance of Wally. who died of wounds at Libya May 2, 1941. —inserted by his work-mates, May, Shirley, Bill, Ron, Jim.
MITCHELL. —In loving memory of Wally, who died of wounds at Tobruk on May 2. 1941. His job was one big sacrifice, His heart was true and tender, He gave his life to those he loved, Then left us to remember. —Ever remembered by his brother Reg.
MITCHELL. —In sad memory of my dear son Wally, of 2nd/48th. AIF, who died of wounds at Tobruk on May 2. 1941. Each day as I look at your photo, The one I loved so true, Can you wonder why my heart is broken, Longing dear Wally, for you, What would I give to clasp your hand, My loving son to see, To hear him say. "Hullo, mum," That meant so much to me. Buried in Tobruk War Cemetery. —Sadly missed and longed for always by his mother and father.
MITCHELL. —In loving memory of my dear brother Wally, late 2/48th. who died of wounds at Tobruk on May 2. 1941. He sleeps not in his native land, But under foreign skies, Far from those who loved him, In a hero's grave he lies. —Always remembered by his brother Toot.
MITCHELL. —In loving memory of Wally, who died of wounds at Tobruk on May 2. 1941. There's a shrine in my heart, when in silence alone, I hold sad memories that are only my own, I miss you and mourn you in silence un-seen, And live in the memory of days that have been. —Ever remembered by his brother Jack.
MITCHELL. —In loving memory of Wally, who died of wounds at Tobruk on May 2. 1941. Calmly sleeps this soldier now, From battle wounds and strife, A wreath of laurel decks his brow, For us he laid down his life. —Inserted by his loving brother Warwick.
MITCHELL. —In loving memory of Wally, killed in action May 2. 1941. A dearer friend no one could find. A loving memory left behind, —Inserted by his friends. Melva, and Ken Henninysen and little Bobbie.
MITCHELL. —In loving memory of Wally killed in action. May 2. 1941. Not just today, but every day, In silence we remember. —Inserted by Joan and Kath.
MITCHELL. —In fond memory of Wally, killed in action at Tobruk on May 2. 1941. —Ever remembered by Ern (AIF abroad) and Molly Freer.
Advertiser (Adelaide, SA: 1931 - 1954), Wednesday 5 May 1943, page 8
MITCHELL. —-In loving memory of - Wally. died at Tobruk. May 2. 1941. Tears roll on but memories linger. —Ever remembered by Molly and-Bill
Advertiser (Adelaide, SA: 1931 - 1954), Saturday 1 May 1943, page 10
MITCHELL. —Loving memory of Wally, 2nd A.I.F. died at Tobruk. May 2. 1941. A brother, a pal, a faithful friend; I cherish his memory right to the end. — Sadly missed by his brother (Toot). Bank-Bank. Nth. Territory.
MITCHELL. —In sad but loving memory of Wally, 2nd A.I.F., died at Tobruk. May 2, 1941. A day to remember, sad to recall, a dearly loved brother loved by us all—lnserted by his brother, Jack, Walkerville.
MITCHELL. —Loving memory of Wally and A.I.F., died at Tobruk, May 2, 1941. He died a dinkum hero to keep Australia free. —lnserted by his brother Reg, Walkerville.
MITCHELL. (Wally). —2nd A.I.F., died at Tobruk, May 2, 1941. I hear his voice keep whispering. "Be loving, brave and true: at the end of land of shadows, I’ll be waiting there for you."—Missed by mother, father.
MITCHELL (Wally). —2nd A.I.F., died at Tobruk. May 2. 1941. In hero's grave he is sleeping, one of God's bravest and best; those who love you are those who don't forget. —Sadly missed by Warwick, Walkerville.
MITCHELL. —In loving memory of our dear brother, Pte. Walter C. Mitchell, died of wounds, (abroad) May 2, 1941. He sacrificed his lite that we may live in peace.—inserted by loving brother Clarrie. sister-in-law Stella: Yvonne. Audrey.
MITCHELL. —In loving memory of Wally, died May 2, 1941. In a hero's grave he Is sleeping, one of God's bravest and best. —lnserted by his loving sister and brother-in-law. Win, Spen, and niece Lorraine. Rex, killed in action, Tobruk. May 2. 1941.—Always remembered by Ron (R.A.A.F.) and Yvonne.
Walter is buried with others with whom he served in Tobruk War Cemetery.

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"...SX7316 Private Walter Carl Mitchell, of Gilberton, SA. Enlisting in the Second AIF in July 1940, Pte Mitchell served in the Middle East campaign with the 2/48 Battalion. He was wounded in action during the Battle of Tobruk and died of wounds on 2 May 1941, aged 26..." - SOURCE (