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Adelaide High School, established in 1908, is the first free high school in South Australia, catering for over 1400 students from Years 8 -12. Adelaide High School is recognised as a successful and innovative school offering students care and attention in a supportive community environment. It has held this reputation since its inception.

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BRUNELL, George Henry

Curated by Class 3 (Irvine)

Private, 27th Infantry Battalion, AIF WW1

KIDD, John Wark

Curated by S2 Class 2 (Aitken)


AYRE, William Charles

Curated by Class 2 (McGill)

STACEY, William Raynor

Curated by S2 Class 3 (Phillips)

Lance Corporal

GALL, Alexandria

Curated by S2 Class 2 (Aitken)

Gunner, 12th Field Artillery Brigade , AIF WW1
Born 21 Jun 1875

HAINES, Robert

Curated by S2 Class 1 (Varricchio)

Private, 50th Infantry Battalion, AIF WW1

ANDERSON, William Thomas

Curated by Mr Manning-Bennett's History Class

Private, 4th Pioneer Battalion, AIF WW1

THODAY, Cecil John

Curated by S2 Class 3 (Phillips)


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