103rd Field Artillery (Howitzer) Battery 3rd Field Artillery Brigade, 1st Division , AIF

About This Unit

The 103rd Howitzer Battery was raised as the Howitzer Battery of the 3rd Field Artillery Brigade (/explore/units/85) which was initially part of the 1st Division, until early 1917.  The 3rd Field Artillery Brigade, like its counterparts from the other AIF Divisions, was re-allocated under under Army level Command and Control in early 1917. 

The Howitzer Batteries were raised to augment the Field Batteries of each Field Artillery Brigade in one of the many re-organisations that characterised the AIF artillery.  They were equipped with 4.5 " Howitzers, newly arrived from the Royal Ordnance factories in 1916,  to provide a high angle fire capability based on experience at Gallipoli, where the terrain masked much of the effect of Field Artillery and their 18 pounder guns with its characteristically flatter trajectory than that exhibited by howitzers and mortars.

Supply of howitzers was an issue intially and there weren't enough to go around.  The guns rendered excellent service though once they did arrive, only being withdrawn at the end of WW2.


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