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  • A M2A2 105mm howitzer fires in support of 1 RAR from FSB Coral
  • Map illustrating the relative position of AO Surfers, Saigon and the Australian base at Nui Dat
  • A CH47 Chinook flies in a payload to the 102 Fd Bty LZ at FSB Coral
  • Bell UH 1 "Iroquois", more familiarly known as 'Hueys' dropping supplies at FSB Coral
  • 3RAR Defensive positions at Balmoral. The soldiers are wearing steel helmets and they have a very well prepared fully 'dug in' weapon pit prepared...
  • Australians dress the wounds of a North Vietnamese prisoner captured in the aftermath of an attack on Balmoral. AWM CRO/68/0580/VN
  • Surrounded by Australians, wounded North Vietnamese prisoners lie on makeshift stretchers and wait to be evacuated from Balmoral.
  • A group of PoW awaiting extraction by helicopter FSB Balmoral 28 May 1968
  • A Centurion tank in position behind a protective bund at FSB Balmoral
  • 3RAR’s Regimental Sergeant Major, Vince Murdoch, tends a wounded and blindfolded North Vietnamese soldier at Balmoral.

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