80th Aniversary of the Start of the Pacific War

80th anniversary of the Pacific War

7/8 December 1941 marks the 80th anniversary of the start of the Pacific War in WW2, with the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

What is less well known is that similtaneous attacks occurred at Kota Baru in Malaysioa, Singapore, Thailand and Clark Field in the Philippines.

Among the first Australian units in action were No 1 and No  453 Squadrons of the  RAAF in Malaya.

Read about them HERE and HERE

Over the next few weeks we will be presenting Homepage features that chronicle some of the momentous events that followed.

Today's Honour Roll

Today's Honour Roll recognizes 141 Australians who fell on this day in history.
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Name Date of Death Conflict
JOHNSON, Henry Thomas 30 Nov 1942 World War 2
HULL, Thomas William 30 Nov 1916 World War 1
BARBOUR, Donald Crosbie 30 Nov 1943 World War 2
BREINGAN, Robert Alastair Wylie 30 Nov 1946 World War 2
GAR, William 30 Nov 1916 World War 1




STRETCHER” “STRETCHER”- the anguished cry, no man could stand against

Thousands dead and wounded, the day had just commenced

So into the fog yet again, to search for every stranded mate

“HERE, HERE” we’d found five men - but for three we were just too late

With a bleeding man on each of our backs, and lost in the foggy sea

We were half way across no man’s land, when we heard this mournful plea

"Don't forget me cobber"


Upon return we went out to search, for the man who’d cried in great despair

To leave him out there alone and wounded, would be more than we could bear

We picked him up, along with his mate, near the enemy’s defences

Then covered in blood we struggled back, to the safety of our trenches

‘We didn’t forget you cobber”


© Robert S Kearney