Edgar Baxter JONES

Badge Number: S10582, Sub Branch: Henley and Grange

JONES, Edgar Baxter

Service Number: 1608
Enlisted: 30 August 1915
Last Rank: Driver
Last Unit: 4th Divisional Ammunition Column
Born: Norwood, South Australia, Australia, 26 January 1891
Home Town: Norwood, South Australia
Schooling: Not yet discovered
Occupation: Carpenter
Died: Natural Causes, Henley Beach, Adelaide, South Australia, 4 March 1968, aged 77 years
Cemetery: Dudley Park Cemetery
Edgar Baxter Jones and his wife, Eva Gertrude Jones were both buried at Dudley Park Cemetery, as well as 34 other members of the JONES family.
Memorials: Magill Honour Board
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World War 1 Service

30 Aug 1915: Enlisted AIF WW1, Private, SN 1608
18 Nov 1915: Involvement Private, SN 1608, 3rd Light Horse Regiment
18 Nov 1915: Embarked Private, SN 1608, 3rd Light Horse Regiment, HMAT Geelong, Adelaide
21 Apr 1916: Transferred AIF WW1, 4th Divisional Ammunition Column, Transferred from 3rd Light Horse Regiment, 12th Reinforcement, to 4th Australian Diviosional Ammunition Column.
11 Nov 1918: Involvement Driver, SN 1608
13 Nov 1918: Discharged AIF WW1, SN 1608, 4th Divisional Ammunition Column, Reason For Discharge: Family Reasons Total Service: 3 Years 76 Days

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Biography contributed by Rodi Joshua Luca

Edgar Baxter Jones, born on the 26th January 1891, in his hometown of Norwood, South Australia, to Samuel Jones and Charlotte (nee Baxter) Jones. Growing up, Baxter Jones lived at 18 Harris Street Norwood, with six brothers and seven sisters. Their names were: David Henry Jones, Samuel George Jones, Alfred Edward Jones, Alice Charlotte Jones, Daniel Ernest Jones, Emma Jane Jones, Nellie Maria Jones, Lily Edith Jones, Evelyn Jones, Elsie Jane Jones, Mary Violet Jones and his half-brother, William Henry Baxter (Son of Charlotte Baxter). Sadly, no further information could be found about Jones’ formative years.


Prior to war, Baxter Jones had been working as a carpenter. He went on to get married to Eva Gertrude (nee Johns) Jones. They lived at 40 Beulah Road, Norwood, South Australia. Baxter Jones was also a participant of the Naval Cadets. It may have been through this experience that he may have felt obliged to contribute to his nation in World War One. Without doubt Jones would have had immense national pride and chose to be do the dutiful thing by joining the war effort.


On the 31st August 1915, Baxter Jones enlisted for war. He had signed up in person at the Exhibition Camp. He was given the service number of 1608, with the nominal role as a Driver. Baxter Jones’ rank on enlistment was a Private. His unit had embarked from Adelaide, South Australia, on board ‘HMAT A2 Geelong’ on 18th November 1915. He had trained in Egypt prior to being on the battle field. Jones was enlisted into the battalion of the 3rd Light Horse Regiment, 12th Reinforcement on the 1st March 1916.


Baxter Jones became involved in many services, some of which include: Extensive training in Egypt, and serving in battles in France and Belgium. Baxter Jones was mostly situated in Marseilles in France.


During this time, whilst overseas, Edgar’s wife had written a letter to the Major Officer in Order of Base Records regarding the fact that she had overheard that her husband had “died/been injured severely during war”. The Officer replied, assuring her that it was not him. Baxter Jones had not fortunately received any injuries during his time abroad.


On the war front saw Baxter Jones being moved many times. Examples of this included his transfer to the 4th Australian Divisional Ammunition Column on the 21st April 1916, followed by his admission to hospital on the 25th May 1917 due to diarrhoea; and then re-joining his unit for service on the 31st May 1917.


Baxter Jones was an ANZAC (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps) during the war. Joining such a league like this, gave him the qualities that have become synonymous of the soldiers of this legendary time. One can conclude that he possessed stamina and endurance, courage and ingenuity, was good humoured and anti-authoritarian and devoted to his “mates”. This ANZAC spirit has become part of the mythological past of Australia’s first taste of war as a nation. To enlist to fight for your country in a war that is not even on your soil takes great bravery and resilience. To fight in a war for over two years displays fortitude and endurance.


During this time, the Australian political front was in turmoil - the Government had to accept the major defeat of Australian soldiers in Gallipoli on April 25th, 1915. Yet, instead of giving into the enemy, ordinary Australian men and women, just like Baxter Jones continued to enlist to preserve the value of freedom for others trapped in countries in war. Even though during this time the humiliation of such a loss was real, the extraordinary feats of the Aussie Diggers became part of the legend associated with this country.


Baxter Jones was transferred to England for discharge for “Family Reasons,” on the 30th March 1918 and later discharged on the 10th November 1919. He eventually returned home 15th April 1918. During Baxter Jones’ service, he had received a set of three important medals. They were: The 1914-15 Star Medal – Given to people who had enlisted for war in either of those years; The British War Medal – For participating in the British War; and The Victory Medal – Awarded for war victory whilst serving in the British and Imperial Forces.


On his return Edgar Baxter Jones lived quietly and peacefully in Adelaide with his family until the age of 77. He passed away of natural causes on the 4th March 1968, at Henley Beach, South Australia. His body was buried, along with his wife’s, Eva Gertrude Jones, at Dudley Park Cemetery. Reunited in death with a further thirty-four members of the JONES family who are also buried at this cemetery.



JONES, Edgar Baxter:

Born: 26th January 1891.

Died 4th March 1968.

Weight (prior to enlistment): 66kg.

Height (prior to enlistment): 158.75 cm.

Eye Colour: Brown.

Hair Colour: Dark Brown.

Religious Denomination: Church of England.



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