7th Infantry Battalion (VIC) 2nd Brigade, 1st Division, AIF

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7th Infantry Battalion, 2nd Brigade, 1st Division

The 7th Battalion was raised as the third battalion in the second Brigade of the 1st Division; as depicted by its colour patch.  The rectangle signifies the First Division.  The red lower portion indicates the second brigade in the Division and the brown upper the third battalion.  

The 7th Battalion was raised at Broadmeadows Camp north of Melbourne.  The Battalion's Commanding Officer was the redoubtable and outspoken Howard 'Pompey' Elliot, a lawyer, citizen soldier and veteran of the Boer War.

Members of the Australian Imperial Force who served on Gallipoli will be entitled to wear over the Unit “Colour Patch” on both sleeves of the Service Dress Jacket and Greatcoat the letter “A” an indication that the wearer had taken part in the operations on the Gallipoli Peninsula.  - Military Order 354 of 1917

Members of the Australian Imperial Force who served on Gallipoli or the Islands of Lemnos, Imbros and Tenedos, or who have served on transports or hospital ships at or off Gallipoli or the Islands above-named, or in AIF lines of communication Units in Egypt will be entitled to wear over their Unit “Colour Patches” on both sleeves of their Service Dress Jacket and Greatcoat the letter “A” as an indication that the wearer had taken part in the Gallipoli operations. - Military Order 20 of 1918


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Lone Pine Valour

The 7th Battalion got off to a bad start at Gallipoli. On the left of the second wave, its boats landed near Fisherman's Hut to the north of North Beach. Unfortunately for them, a Turkish defended locality was nearby and overlooked their landing point; the boats were caught in a hail of accurate machine gun fire which inflicted heavy casualties. A number of the boats drifted off the beach full of dead and wounded. A total of 5 officers and 179 men were lost during and immediately after the landing.

As part of the 2nd Brigade, the 7th Battalion was committed to a costly and largely futile attack in support of the British at Cape Helles on 8th May 1915, losing another 6 officers and 87 men in the process.

The 7th Battalion distinguished itself at Lone Pine in the August battles, with four VCs awarded.

CPL A.S. Burton, VC, MID (KIA), Lone Pine

CPL (later LT) W. Dunstan, VC, MID*, Lone Pine

LT (later CAPT) W.J. Symonds, VC, MID, Lone Pine

LT (later MAJ) F.H. Tubb VC (KIA), Lone Pine

Three of these men (Tubb Burton and Dunstan) were engaged in the same ferocious hand to hand and bombing action, holding a trench against relentless Turkish counter acttacking.

The Battalion went on to serve on the Western Front.

Steve Larkins

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